This Made Me

This is an experiment in presenting biographical information. I thought it would be interesting to put something visual together, sort of as a portrait/route of how I got where I am today and things that have influenced me, showing how they’d influenced me. I realise the detail of my life isn’t something most people would be interested in, but maybe the idea/concept behind what I’m attempting to do is??

I just want to see if I could put something informative and creative together- not just text, but an interactive ‘This made me’ biography thing, showing key points/influences that led me down a particular path, no matter how seemingly unconnected.   

This is my first attempt. I think the map works quite well, but I'm sure I can do something more visual with the data.

Move around the map by clicking on the arrows in the detail box, or click on a marker.

For more details about this project have a look at my blog.